Expert Search Group

ESG is an expert search firm with a revolutionary billing model designed to save you and your client money. We typically charge a one-time flat fee for each expert hired. There is no hourly surcharge or hidden administrative fees added to the expert’s rate.

One-Time Flat Fee

A one-time flat fee designed to save you and your client money. There is no hourly surcharge to the experts’ fee.

Risk Free

Our search professionals provide a custom search solution for all of your expert requirements.

Tailored Search

There is no up-front charge. We only collect our fee when you retain an expert we have vetted and presented to you.

ESG does not require a retainer like other companies and once placed, you and the expert move forward with none of the invasiveness of the three-way billing process used by expert referral firms.

How? We provide you with a selection of fully vetted experts who are qualified, available, interested, and conflict-free. Once you decide on one, you engage the expert directly. We have completed our task – there is no ongoing “middleman” relationship.

  • We understand your needs and fill them. We employ lawyers and experienced recruiters who have been in the expert witness industry for over a decade
  • We serve the top litigation firms and many of the largest companies in the US, but we also welcome the business of smaller firms and solo practitioners. Every client is treated with the same level of respect and customer service that they expect and deserve.
  • Although we have worked with many experts,we do not limit our search to a directory or database of registered experts. Instead, we perform a custom-tailored search, each time, worldwide to find, interview and qualify experts to your specifications.
  • We conduct your search on a risk-free basis. There is no charge to you for the search and assessment work we do. We earn our fee when you retain an expert that we have vetted and presented to you. That is why we strive to bring you the best service and work hard to maintain your business.

Give us a try – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!